Looks like there was a mole in the gun control movement.  Usually when this kind of thing happens, paranoia sets in, and further people are suspected of being moles.  Hey Peter, Doug… Paul is a Republican.  From a very pro-gun state.  Haven’t you found that to be a little suspicious?  Just sayin.  If you want to find out the truth on this matter, I would suggest following these instructions.  My understanding is that it’s very effective.

But in all seriousness, I don’t know how much useful intelligence can actually be gleaned by this kind of activity.  I mean, the gun control groups aren’t exactly a secret society, and neither is the National Rifle Association.  Michael Moore is famously an NRA Life Member with an eye on getting other anti-gun folks to join and take over the organization.  It’s not a new idea.

I can’t say I really condone or approve of what McFate/Sapone did in this circumstance, mostly because, as a gun rights activist, I don’t really think whatever information can be gleaned from such activity is worth the amount of support I’d have to provide my political opponents to obtain it.  So says Bryan Miller:

The McFate operation, says Miller, “would confirm for me the way that the gun lobby works, which is no rules, no question of fairness or honesty. Anything that they can do they will do to protect the profits of the gun industry.”

Pot, meet kettle.  I agree with Bryan that tactics like this are dishonest, and not on the up and up, but there’s nothing fair or honest about politics, and the gun control movement has not exactly played clean and honest either.  Bryan, particularly, regularly misrepresents what legislation his organization supports is intended to do.  I would be happy to play the game clean… but if we did that, people would see the truth about gun control.  Can’t have that.

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  2. I agree, all this cloak and dagger crap is useless. The only thing it can do is heighten the paranoia of leftists in general (which is at ether binge/ LSD levels nowadays). I like the fact that Michael Moore has joined the NRA. His money has been put to good use in overturning idiot gun laws and also in helping reducing gun deaths through education. I am sure that wasn’t his intent, but what he meant for evil, we have used for good! ;-)

  3. What I want to see is secret video or audio recordings of Brady Bunch et al getting their story straight about what the next new lie will be.

    What if she got invited to some meetings between Helmke and major news anchors/editors, both TV and print.

    This could get juicy.

  4. MM joined the NRA a long, long time ago when he was just another working stiff in Michigan, btw. Not a recent thing.

  5. She was an intelligence operative not a pro gun. She also infiltrated the enviro/animal activists also. She got paid through a security firm if Mother Jones is correct. She just provided info and data. If she helped kill the UN attempts and gun control I am glad. I doubt if she mange to change anything at the gun control groups to their disadvantage.

    Sound like a typical inteligence type but in private firms.

  6. I kinda agree, but then I remember the almost countless times I’ve been called a red-necked, cousin-humping, gap-toothed, pickup truck driving violence freak who is compensating for a tiny wee-wee and my objection for this fades….

  7. This should be a warning to all Brady folks & other anti gun organizations. The NRA is a huge powerful lobby made great by its grass roots support by millions of individual NRA members. You never know when one of us is secretly listening in on one of your super secret board room meetings where you make your plans on how best to lie to & confuse the public. Trying to make people think that a 3 shot bird gun is a super scary weapon comes to mind. We are the NRA, we’re everywhere you least expect, and we ARE watching you. Behave.

  8. I suspect the NRA has several anti-gun moles in its leadership. Perhaps, LaPeirre is one. I’m not kidding.

  9. That would probably be a surprise to Dave Hardy, who has known and worked with Wayne for decades (Wayne was the best man at his wedding). So is Wayne is a plant, he’s fooled an awful lot of very smart people.

  10. I sort wish the pro gun people would get on the ball with positive PR. With *Cryin’* Bryan Miller calling the gun lobby a bunch of sneaks, I would’ve like to see it turned around on them.

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