Judge Upholds Florida “Guns at Work” Law

A federal judge has ruled there’s no unconstitutional property taking involved in Florida’s law allowing employees with Concealed Weapons Permits to carry to work.  He also ruled that the law does not violate OSHA standards.  I’ve said before that I don’t agree with the NRA’s push for these laws, both on pro-liberty grounds, and because I think resources would be better spent elsewhere, but I found the notion that OSHA regulations mandate a gun free workplace to be silly, and I’m happy to see that reasoning rejected.

3 thoughts on “Judge Upholds Florida “Guns at Work” Law”

  1. What about the employee at Disney World. ? They used the fireworks exemption to ban guns in employees cars because they put on fireworks displays.

  2. That’s still up in the air. This was a challenge brought against the law in its entirety. Someone else will have to sue Disney on those grounds.

  3. good, now we have at least one state that has established that a persons car is their private property even if they park it on someone else’s property.

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