More On Morton Grove

This from an NPR article from today:

Village Manager Joe Wade says Morton Grove isn’t going to wait for a court battle. It’s going to act.

“The village of Morton Grove has every intention to comply with [the Supreme Court ruling],” Wade says. “We’re going to propose an ordinance that would eliminate the possession-of-handgun ban within the village.”

So that pretty much confirms it.  I did send an e-mail to them earlier, but have yet to hear back.  We shall see what happens here.

4 thoughts on “More On Morton Grove”

  1. OT, but what do ya’ll think of this idea.

    When Heller Freezes Over
    What if Colt made a big show of offering Senator Obama a custom engraved 1911 to celebrate Heller? If he accepts it, his base is up in arms, no pun intended. If he declines it, well, let’s just say that 5-4 vote will look a little more frightening to everyone not in his base. Seem like a win-win to me.


    I am fired up after Heller. I am not voting for McCain, I am voting in hope of another Scalia. I can dream, can’t I?

  2. I will be voting for McCain in hopes of another Scalia.

    What I mean is that I find McCain a poor option, and in the booth my heart will be voting Scalia.

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