Complain to Carrie McCarthy & Get Your Guns Seized

Authorities in Nassau County have seized the guns of a man who rubbed McCarthy’s office the wrong way:

An outspoken Long Island gun owner’s home was raided by Nassau County detectives, who seized two dozen weapons he lawfully owns just one day after Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s office made a 911 call about him.

Freeport resident Gabriel Razzano claims he was targeted in the spring raid for his “unpopular” political beliefs.

He’s now filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against the Nassau PD and McCarthy, charging they joined forces to strip him of his guns unconstitutionally.

I mean, if he threatened her, or made threats, I would imagine they can charge him with something.  If not, this he might have some grounds to his suits.  Tom King, President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, is on Cam’s show right now saying this guy is outspoken, but not crazy, and definitely didn’t threaten anyone in McCarthy’s office.

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