Dick Heller Denied Registration

He didn’t trust the District not to jerk him around, so he did not bring his firearms with him as required.  Given their actions lately, I can’t say I blame him.  We need to get that preemtion of DC’s laws through Congress ASAP.

4 Responses to “Dick Heller Denied Registration”

  1. RAH says:

    According to WTOP news no one brought in a gun this morning. I thought the crowds of people would not show up since DC was making it impossible to register and the law is subject to change in 90 days. Most people who own guns , whether criminals or non criminals, will figure that DC will just take their guns so why bother with registration. Those who were grandfathered in 1976 have heard that the records of registered owners have disappeared.

    If I lived in DC and had a gun in my home I would not take it to DC to come up with a BS reason to take my gun. IF it was unregisterrd for 30 years it can stay unregistered.

  2. anon says:

    From the Washington Post:

    [Assistant Police Chief Peter J.] “Newsham said if anyone shows up to register a semi-automatic pistol that fits the city’s definition of a machine gun, police will confiscate the illegal gun but will not immediately arrest the owner. He said police reserve the right to investigate and eventually charge such an owner with violating the machine-gun ban. “

  3. anon says:

    Notice NONE of the materials released by DC mention an ammo amnesty.

    Keep in mind: In DC it is a crime to have ammo in a caliber for which you do not have a registered gun. So anyone who goes in for the ‘amnesty’ BS for gun registration can still be arrested for the having the ammo.

    This is a serious catch-22 if the police require a registrant to supply ammo for the ballistics test. (almost certain if you have an oddball caliber)

    Personally, I think I’d take frangible ammo just to phuck with them.

  4. Harold says:

    D.C. is more clever than I thought:

    The Washington Post article on today’s festivities has this gem: “Ballistics examiners will compare the test-fired bullets to bullets from unsolved shootings to determine if a revolver was used in a crime.”

    We’ve learned from a previous study that the above will result in a lot of false positives, and it’s a subjective “expert witness” judgement. More opportunities to throw innocent civilians in jail, for serious felonies.

    I’ll bet at some point they’ll make an example of someone to discourage anyone from even trying, and this testing strikes me as something that will be hard to challenge under Heller.

    Would the possibility of a Murder 1 charge and a six figure legal bill to win acquittal be enough to keep you from trying?