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For all you ladies out there:

Dude, it is what it is. The only women I’ve ever met who were remotely interested in shooting guns for fun were trashy – and even then, they’d agree to go along, but it would never be their first choice of things to do (never mind making guns their passion).

White trash girls are probably the only ones who wouldn’t have seizure-style eye-rolling fits if they saw a guy with a holstered gun sitting in the food court at the mall.

I really need to stop linking to these folks. I really do. But its a great study in narrow mindedness, and people unwilling to look beyond their own prejudices and stereotypes.  This is the open minded and tolerant progressive left.  I don’t know how people can have such disdain for their fellow citizens, and turn around and believe they are enlightened.  Where I come from, it just makes you an asshole.

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  1. I think it is kinda funny to look at the main page and compare the number of comments for their regular posts and the number of comments when the gun nuts show up. 270 comments on the post that started it.

  2. White trash, huh? Hmmm…I’ll have to let my alma mater know that they might want to question Delaware liberals about their attitudes against women who disagree with them. They may be a top liberal arts school, but they don’t look too kindly upon such pettiness paired with lack of critical thought.

  3. Poor Pandora got upset when I indicate quality is shown by manners. Dominique words showed her own lack.

  4. Though I read every entry you post, I don’t comment often. I can’t help it this time. I couldn’t have said it any better, and thank you for showing the “tolerance” of the left for what it really is. Elitist snobbery.

  5. I would recommend that you keep linking to those posts. It is probably some of the best advertising for the pro-gun folks.

    The average person who is sitting on the fence needs to see the extremes on both sides. While the pro-gun side does have some that make us look bad, it’s not nearly as frightening as the depths the anti-gun side descend to.

    The more people who see the posts, I’m convinced the better off the pro-gun side will be. Most people can think of a friend, family, co-worker or neighbor that shoots; let them see what the anti-gun side thinks of those people.

  6. Bob S. – I agree and that’s why I started commenting over there. Hell, one of them has actually contacted me and expressed interest in going to the range. I still think that’s the best education there is for both fence-sitters and anti’s alike.

  7. The best comment was Dominque’s at 105: “…i promise you that any remotely fuckable woman who spots a man (who is not in uniform) wearing a holstered gun will immediately think ‘jackass’.”

    Note the implied objectification of women. Only the opinions of the “remotely fuckable” ones should be important to us. I wonder how NOW would feel about that.

  8. “Wow, can you say reverse racism?


    What the hell is REVERSE racism? Are you implying that only white people can be racist?? Isn’t racism just hating someone because of their race? Can’t a member of any race do that? Reverse Racism… Hmmph.

  9. @Mike W.

    I enjoy your rational sense/logic driven comments over there. That must REALLY get their unders in a bunch.

  10. @DJK

    Reverse racism or discrimination is favoring of a minority over a dominant culture or disparaging the dominant culture just as badly as a minority culture…or something like that.

    No innocent person deserves to be called “trash” for any reason, white, black, asian, latino, etc.

  11. I’m with ya….but that’s just racism. By what you’re saying… Racism is by white people…and reverse racism is by anyone else.

    It’s just racism in my book.

  12. I know that, DJK, reverse racism is the technical term, however the act is still racist in of itself, no technical term can water it down so much. These people claim to be above the pack, yet stoop down to lower tactics to defend their elitist snobbery.

  13. We’re getting there…. I don’t believe it’s the ‘technical’ term, but the ‘Politically Correct’ term which means it’s not all that technical at all. It’s actually racist in it of itself.

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