Banana Crap Pie

Since Bitter got here I’ve been telling her “Hey, missy!  Get your b**ch @55 in the kitchen and make me some pie!”  Well, yesterday as a Independence Day treat, she made some chocolate banana crap pie.  It was so bad that we threw the rest out, rather than torture our taste buds with any more.

So now she needs to get her b**ch @55 back in the kitchen, and make me another pie!

7 Responses to “Banana Crap Pie”

  1. B Smith says:

    You’re a bolder man than me…

  2. Peter says:

    Yeah! A woman with both guns and training! You’re gonna find yourself turned into Swiss Chard: shot full of holes and then set on fire. :)

  3. Sebastian says:

    Well, if I were serious, she probably would shoot me :)

  4. Bitter says:

    What are you talking about? You are serious. It’s just that I figure to keep living here rent free, I need to earn my keep. If it’s pie you want, pie you’ll get. :)

  5. chris says:

    woah nelly!!!! we didnt need to know the details about that kind of pie!!!

    pictures are always good though :-D

  6. Tam says:

    That’ll learn you to say “please”. ;)

  7. Billll says:

    Use less arsenic so the taste doesn’t give it away.