Where’s It All Going to Fit?

Bitter arrived with the moving truck on Thursday.   On Saturday, the movers came to move everything from the truck to my living room.   The first picture was taken after Bitter had already moved and put away a good portion of the kitchen boxes.Living Room Boxes

The kitchen stuff is getting put away first.  Naturally, since we’ve both been living on our own for a while, there’s a lot of duplicate equipment.  Most of my knives and silverware are inferior to hers, and so are departing.  Same with pots and pans.  Of course, now we have four fondue pots, two food processors, and two bread machines.  Not stuff that’s typically thrown out, so I’m guessing we’ll be craigslisting a lot of it. 

Of course, we both had the same type of Corelware, so now we just have a lot of it.  She has a lot more cooking stuff than I do, such as a press for making raviolis, actually, I think there are two of those.  One in case you want to make a flat ravioli, and another for making folded ones.  It’s a good thing I have a big drawer in the kitchen for stuff I almost never use :)

16 thoughts on “Where’s It All Going to Fit?”

  1. if you guys sell all that stuff, which one of you gets to decide what to buy from the “gun wish list”? ;-)

  2. Oh dear. Don’t tell us that you are also going to eliminate duplicate firearms…

  3. I’m coming up for air tonight while at my mom’s. The fun part is that the fondue pots will probably stay since we both love fondue, and it would make it easy to have a fondue themed party. Plus, serving fondue is sooooo much easier than making many other dishes.

    The bread machines we legitimately use, so I’m still a little undecided. I can easily make 2-3 loaves a day, so it’s not like we’ll have a shortage without one. Mine takes up less counterspace, so it may win on that feature – though his makes larger loaves.

    One food processor has got to go, but I don’t know whose is better, so there’s no ruling on that yet.

    I’m really trying not to be the woman who just throws out his stuff. I feel bad that most of my stuff is what’s staying. I figure we’ll eventually get nicer of everything anyway and then it will be ours. :)

  4. When I moved in with my wife…..I was GLAD to be rid of my old, crappy, mis-matched bachelor crap. Well, much of it, at least!

    I had silverware and not two matching pieces could be found. I used old plastic beer garden type cups for drinking glasses. And the pots and pans….jeez. I got my share of iron oxide when I would fix “Venison Helper”…

  5. Dude, you’ve actually fondued?

    That sounds like fun! (especially, you know, the chocolate part)

  6. Oh, I could use a bread machine. How big is the one Sebastian has and for how much is he willing to part with it?

  7. as an expert at getting rid of the wife’s crap (you two saw my basement), no more than one medium box per week with the trash or she’ll notice

  8. Duplicate firearms for sale ??? WHERE?
    **raising my head and sniffing the breeze**

  9. I feel your pain. We moved from a 3400 sq ft ranch (which we had loosely filled) in Indiana to an 1800 sq ft house here. The basement and part of the garage are still full of unpacked boxes.

  10. Talk about a coincidence… Better Half and I are about to be moving to what will be our (in the collective sense of “our”) home for the next few years… after being married for 2.5 years and spending all of possibly 6 months together. Good fun, and getting used to each other is going to be all manner of entertaining, I am sure.

    Especially since she wants rooms to actually be cohesive and match now… Yeah, that may not work with my college-bachelor motif leftover from… well… college.

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