More Heller Aftershocks

I’m hoping this means we can finally start having a serious discussion about violence in Philadelphia.  It’s long overdue.

Hat Tip to Dave Hardy

2 Responses to “More Heller Aftershocks”

  1. BobP says:

    Sounds like Mr. Williams has been body snatched by Wayne LaPierre.

  2. JJR says:

    “In my opinion, the National Rifle Association has always been right (pun intended) on this issue. Wrong on most others, but right on this one.”

    I think he meant to say “The Republican Party”, in which case the above sentence would be correctly stated and I would be in agreement with him totally.

    ((As it stands, referencing the NRA as he does in that sentence is a complete non-sequitur. What “other” issues does the NRA hold forth on and agitate for?))

    My only quibble. Otherwise excellent article, thanks for linking.