What Regulations Are Reasonable?

Randy Barnett has discusses some thoughts.  By this standard he proposes, governments must allow some form of carrying a firearm for self-defense.  They may be able to regulate, and license certain manners of carrying a firearm, but there must be some means to allow for the right to happen.

I look forward to one day carrying a firearm down the streets of New York City should this come to pass.  I think it will happen in my lifetime.

3 Responses to “What Regulations Are Reasonable?”

  1. Mad Saint Jack says:

    How come the definition of a reasonable gun law doesn’t include scientific proof that that law reduces crime?

  2. Tom says:

    a reasonable “gun law” is one that says “shall not be infringed” and means just that until you commit a crime…at which point you go to a real prison and are either rehabilitated and come out …after a certain period of proof that you have reformed you can regain your right. If not you stay behind bars. If you can’t be trusted with a gun why are you on the street?

    Reasonable enough for the people who wrote the highest law in the land some 200+ years ago.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Yeah, but the courts are going to place limits on the right, as the do with other rights. The task before us now is to come up with a legal theory that allows for as few restrictions as possible, and brings it into parity with other constitutional rights.