Helmke Endorses Concealed Carry?

Did he really say that?  Why, yes, he did say that.  At American-Manifesto:

“Right to carry states are 48 of the 50 states right now…If there are clear restrictions on people [felons and the mentally ill] and to make sure that they know what they’re doing with the gun, that they pass the background checks, that the local police have signed off on it, that’s something that doesn’t cause that many problems.” [emphasis added]

Are the Brady’s retreating on concealed carry?  Can you believe he even said that?  I guess he was tired indeed, or maybe the Montezuma was getting to him.

7 thoughts on “Helmke Endorses Concealed Carry?”

  1. Notice the weasel words “and the police sign off.” He’s (most likely) still talking about may-issue.

  2. That part I can understand, coming from Paul. But the admission that “that’s something that doesn’t cause that many problems.” (referring to CCW) is staggering.

    He and his cronies have always said “Guns = Crime” regardless of owner.

  3. I just hope this doesn’t bite us on the ass here in Alabama where training is not a problem and right now the fee for issue is about $7.00/ yr.

  4. Looks like the new theory is endorse the right in principle, then claim your seat at the table to regulate the hell out of it.

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