What is Meant by “Good Enough”

I am believer in the old saying that perfect is the enemy of good, and there’s been no better example of that than George W. Bush’s presidency when it came to Second Amendment issues. It would be hard to argue the guy was our best buddy, after failing for years to deal with the National Park issue, then incompetently rushing it through toward the end, and after having his solicitor general argue against Mr. Heller’s position in front of the Supreme Court. But I’ve said that putting Alito and Roberts on the court was the best thing he did for us, and at the end of the day, saved the day. Here’s more evidence from the 7th Circuit’s decision on Lautenberg:

The Seventh Circuit opinion, which now has shifted the burden of proof to the Justice Department through an “intermediate scrutiny” standard, was written by Diane Sykes, a George W. Bush appointee, and joined by William Bauer, a Ford appointee, and John Tinder, a George W. Bush appointee.

Two George W. Bush appointees comprised that three judge panel making up the 3-0 decision to reverse and remand. Even though they did not find Lautenberg unconstitutional facially, they at least told the U.S. Attorney he had to take the Second Amendment seriously. And told the lower courts they had to as well. Many will say George W. Bush never deserved his NRA endorsement, and there were certainly times I agree with that, but we’ll probably be enjoying the benefits of the people he put on the bench for some time.

2 thoughts on “What is Meant by “Good Enough””

  1. “George W. Bush never deserved his NRA endorsement, and there were certainly times I agree with that”

    He did make up at least some of the damage his daddy did with Souter

  2. Still the sad thing is fighting for gun rights is a relatively new thing, so while Bush was hardly a rock-solid 2nd Amendment guy, from where I stand he was the best there ever was, at least in policies.

    Go far enough back all Presidents were stanch 2nd Amendment guys, but that was only because it was taken for granted.

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