Difference in Attitudes

The Brady Campaign looks at stuff like this, and this, and comment “Another sad, tragic waste.”  I call it Darwin at work.  I have no problem with idiots like this chlorinating the gene pool with their own stupid carelessness.

I do have a problem when their stupid carelessness takes other people down with them, which is why I anxiously await the Brady’s supporting my proposal to reintroduce the shooting sports into our nation’s schools, so that everyone knows how to safely and responsibly handle a firearm, in a supervised environment.

Gun accidents are rare, and becoming rarer, thanks in part to the shooting community adopting a culture of safety.  You will never stop every idiot, but we can and have reduced the occurrence of accidents among gun owners to the point where they are unusual enough to be newsworthy.

4 thoughts on “Difference in Attitudes”

  1. I recenty went to dinner with a number of shooting friends. There in that fine eating establishment were a whole slew of people. . all armed. No one shot anybody. . there were no fights or lights shattered, and no blood was accidentally drawn splitting the check. Imagine that.

  2. I looked at the Brady site and was suprised there was no outpouring for that armed robber who shot himself the other day. What a bunch of pantie wadders, cannot take care of themselves and want to restrict my gun rights because of all these other incompetent clowns who kill people for no reason.

  3. To date, my most serious accident involving firearms was when a compressed internal spring popped out and bounced off my forehead as I was disassembling one of my rifles.

  4. My most serious accident with a firearm (to date, and hopefully ever) involved the percussion cap on my muzzleloader fragmenting and taking a small chunk out of my pinky finger.

    Following the Rules works.

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