All Your Search Are Belong to Us

Someone set us up the google bomb!  The fun thing about these search results on the term Law Abiding Gun Owner is that, quite literally on Monday, SayUncle sent a few of us bloggers an e-mail saying “We should probably get our google-fu on to squash this one before it starts,” and by the close of business on Tuesday, we had practically pushed the Brady Blog clean off the first page.

Our google-fu is mighty indeed!

UPDATE: So Says Uncle: “Close of business nothing.  It was 23 minutes after my 9:07AM post.”  So it’s even better than I thought!

UPDATE: Looks to me like now they are clean off the front page, and moving down the second.

5 thoughts on “All Your Search Are Belong to Us”

  1. Not practically. They are #3 on page two. OK, ‘GGs’ are still on the first page. But that can ‘t last fer long.

    Off to post about it at the Dragonfly…

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