10 thoughts on “My New Hero”

  1. Classic.

    It does underscore how many Republicans there are out there who are a better choice than any of the candidates that ran this election cycle.

  2. I think I’m in love.

    &Did he say this in front of democrats – what was the response?

  3. Peter,

    Actually, he’s been hiding out as lead guitarist in The Second Amendments which I think we can all agree – is a lot better direction for the face of the New Republican party than the Christian fundamentalist approved barbershop quartet Singing Senators

    Here’s a good video of them. Thats House Ag Committee Chair Colin Peterson (D-Mn) on vocals. We’ve been shooting and hunting on a few occasions . . . we need more Democrats like him.

  4. Actually, as I think about it . . . Bitter might want to make an invitation to them to come and perform at next years Blogger Bash. . . they are ALWAYS looking for venues to play in.

  5. McCotter’s got an office a mile away from my house. Every month or so, the MoveOn.org defeatists show up with their signs and protest in front of the place (which used to be a stop on the Underground Railroad, if I’m not mistaken). They’re worthless, but at least they usually leave after they get their photo op.

    My friend’s old house is across the street. They made the mistake of using a bullhorn on full blast once. By doing that, they managed to be louder than the neighbor’s Harley, drowned out our conversation from a hundred feet away, woke up my friend’s father next door (former military), and had the normally mild-mannered village council president storming out of his house, yelling at them to turn it down or STFU.

    McCotter’s a good enough guy that it’s kind of strange he came from the state that gave the Senate Lenin– er, Levin and Stabenow. If he can keep the MoveOn hippies coming out of the woodwork that frequently, he’s doing something right.

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