Al Gore Hot Air

Apparently Americans for Prosperity was planning to take their “Hit Air Balloon Tour” right over Al Gore’s house in honor of his ever growing energy consumption.   Seems they had the permits all lined up, and out of nowhere, the permits got revoked:

Sure enough, just a few hours before our event was scheduled to kick off, the Nashville Parks and Recreation Department has been in touch, claiming that the permit they approved doesn’t allow us to launch our balloon from the city park where we’re holding our event — even though we told them repeatedly exactly what we planned to do.

Roy Wilson, the director of the Board of Parks and Recreation, has even reportedly told one of our staffers on the ground that Nashville police officers will be on hand and will physically restrain members of our crew if they attempt to launch the balloon.

And if that weren’t enough:

UPDATE 3:00 pm Eastern time: Roy Wilson at the Nashville Parks Department must not have liked our earlier post, since he just completely revoked our permit — even though his department’s own rules state that he can’t do that unless we break a law or one of the department’s rules, which we haven’t done and have no intention of doing.  Then he hung up on our legal counsel.

In the meantime, good news to report — we’ve secured a private location for this afternoon’s event.  We’ll be in a field at the corner of Sneed and Vaughn Roads — just about a mile and a half from the original event location.

You’d almost thing that someone didn’t want to deal with being publically embarassed.  After all, he’s Al Gore.  He’s hunting down and trying to kill manbearpig.  Who are we little people to queston the great one?

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  1. Al Gore…he’s the Ellmer Gantry of the Church of Global Warming…

    Relax….It’ll all be over soon….

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