Hope and Change in New Hampshire

It would appear they aren’t a fan.  More states need to pass resolutions making sure the President knows what the states think the limitations of his power are.  It’s awfully hard for federal overreaching to mean much if the states aren’t willing to go along with helping enforce it, or will actively interfere with its enforcement.

7 thoughts on “Hope and Change in New Hampshire”

  1. The link won’t load for me. I’m assuming that NH will not enforce any new federal assault weapons ban?

  2. Ah, the page finally loaded. It looks like a modern-day Kentucky resolve. Good for NH!

  3. Clarify something for me: Is NH one of those states asking for a bail-out?

    On a related note, it’d be kind of hard for a state gov’t to grow a pair if they’re coming to DC, hat-in-hand, to beg for an allowance.

    I’d be interested to see whether this resolution is honored if Uncle Sugar threatened to cut off all federal highway funds, education, etc.

  4. NH is not one of the states begging for a bailout. Not that I think this bill will get far with the Dems having single party rule these days, but this is consistent with the NH way of thinking. We passed a law refusing to comply with the fed.gov real ID act a couple of years ago.

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