The Pink Pistol Experience

Joe Huffman relays a funny story about working with the Pink Pistols in Idaho, and a fun sounding IPSC match meant to make fun of Fred Phelps .  It just goes to show what a bunch of backward queer hating rednecks we all are doesn’t it?  Joe says:

The big lesson I would like for people to learn from this story is that gun owners can get favorable press. Boomershoot with all the potential hazards of  “assault weapons”, “snipers”, “sniper rifles”, and “bombs” has been successfully pitched to the public as what it really is. People from all walks of life who are, in essence, having an early 4th of July celebration of freedom. In the same way with all the hazardous of “vigilante justice”, “cowboys”, and “angry red-necked white guys” potentially associated with a pistol match where people shoot at human shaped targets we were able to get it portrayed, as it actually is, just ordinary people having fun and practicing to defend innocent life from bodily harm.

It wasn’t that hard, it didn’t take that much extra work, and the positive media coverage reached 100s of thousands of people.

It gets the message out, and hell, maybe people might even think it’s fun and give it a try.  Be sure to read the whole thing.

One thought on “The Pink Pistol Experience”

  1. I think we need to work to counter the popular portrayal of the NRA—and gun owners in general—as ignorant, racist hicks. There’s a lot of that stereotyping out there, and I think the MSM really pushes it.
    We’re all citizens, and as such, we have the right to armed self-defense, period. I applaud ANYONE who will exercise that right, and stand up for their interests… it’s what makes us Americans.

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