Another Open Carry Incident in Pennsylvania

Looks like he was stopped illegaly, and had his gun stolen by the Wilkes-Barre police.  I will provide further information as things develop, but for now, it’s looks as if this one is for real.

2 Responses to “Another Open Carry Incident in Pennsylvania”

  1. Joe says:

    The right of the citizens to bear arms in defence of themselves and the State shall not be questioned. Does that answer any questions? A.J your looking at a lawsuit.Me personally I would be after badges these cops need to understand they are not above the law nor are they above the constitution.

  2. B Smith says:

    The optimist in me hopes this guy sues the ASS of the thugs-err, police-and gets these guys suspended, at the very least.
    The cynic in me thinks, ‘yeah, right’. Too many times I’ve seen cops get away with sh*t like this just because they wear a badge, and judges seem to think that makes them unimpeachable. (I once fought a traffic ticket in court, and the officer stood before the judge and told THREE outright lies under oath. I had to pay not only the fine, but court costs as well, still got the points on my license, and lost a day of work in the bargain…so why fight it, just mail the ticket in with the fine, right?)
    I live in OH, and I’ve only been to PA on three occasions (two of them were Pittsburgh). EVERY TIME, I was stopped on some bullshit charge and hassled by cops. Ohio cops are assholes, to be sure, but if I had to go to New York from here, I’d go around PA. The thought of carrying a weapon in that state with an OH license plate makes me shudder.