Pennsylvania Open Carry Blog

Activists have been taking up the issue of open carry here in The Keystone State.  Now there’s a blog dedicated to it by a fellow Bucks County resident.  I’ve never been big on open carry personally, but I’ve seen what activists in Virginia have been able to accomplish, and it’s defied my expectations.   It’s not as uncommon in Virginia as it used to be, and “the law” is pretty much aware that it’s legal now.  I’ve only ever seen open carry in Pennsylvania twice, once on a bus in Harrisburg, and once on the Appalachian Trail.

4 Responses to “Pennsylvania Open Carry Blog”

  1. I’ve seen several people in the county seat here carrying open, and several people in Boalsburg. Nobody seemed to notice or care. Haven’t seen it in State College, though.

  2. chris horton says:

    I always thought the Appalachian Trail was strictly forbidden of any weapons.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Only sections that go through national parks, anywhere else, state laws apply.