Article About Philly Area Ranges

A pretty balanced article about Philadelphia area shooting ranges, and some of the issues surrounding range safety.   Seems one of the clubs had a round get lose and end up hitting a house.  Range operators have to be cognizant of how their range is designed, and should seek help from the National Rifle Association on ways to improve range safety.  Kudos to the resident who’s house was hit for his attitude here:

Harbert lives just a mile or so from Wicen’s, a long-established range where shooters have been firing since 1928. He and his neighbors insist they don’t want the range closed but they do want stronger safety measures.

I think that’s a reasonable request, and a lot better attitude than the ninnies who just want to come in and close things down.  There are ways to make a range perfectly safe, even in a population dense suburban environement.  Noise can be abated as well, though not perfectly, since the federal government heavily regulates supressors.  It can be hard for smaller clubs that don’t have the money, but the NRA does offer grants to clubs for range improvements, and is something clubs should definitely consider using if they find themselves in a situation where their safety measures are deficient, and they have to shape up or face being closed down.