DC Bloggers Looking for Firepower?

Megan McArdle is questioning whether she wants to get a gun if they become legal in DC.  I would caution that when Heller is ruled on, the fight will just be beginning.  It’ll be a while before DC residents can legally buy firearms, and there aren’t any gun shops in the district yet anyway, unless you want to talk to Josh Sugarmann about running you through the whole 4473 and background check process as soon as the Supremes give the green light.

Despite what a certain anti-gun group, that rhymes with Shady Insane, is advising Megan over on their blog, using statistics that have already been thoroughly debunked.  Of course, with owning a gun comes responsibility, and we know a lot more about that than the Brady Campaign ever will.  Since we’ve seen Megan at the range before with other bloggers, we assume she has people that have the safety education bit taken care of, but there are an entire bevy of gun bloggers who are ready to help, if need be.  Some of us are even certified instructors.

4 thoughts on “DC Bloggers Looking for Firepower?”

  1. Mike Gallo…just don’t call from your work place.

    I did just that and ended up talking to security within 24 hours. Sugarmann traced the call and tried to get me fired for threatening him. All I did was ask if he could transfer a gun for me.

  2. Ignoring private transfers as an option… So how could it work if the ban is over-turned? As a residence of TN I can’t buy a handgun in another state. If I lived in DC, how could I buy a handgun in MD or VA? As a matter of fact, if I lived in DC today, could I buy a handgun anywhere even if I did not bring back into DC?

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