“Lost and Stolen” Stopped in Illinois

According to Armed and Safe, the bill has gone down in flames.  Demographically, with Chicago and surrounds as big as it is, it’s a testament to gun owners in Illinois that they’ve been defeating the anti-gun agenda as effectively as they have been.  Chicago is one of the few centers of gun hatred in this country, so this is no small accomplishment.

UPDATE: Looks like the magazine ban might fail too.

One thought on ““Lost and Stolen” Stopped in Illinois”

  1. Thanks Sebsastian….and thanks to Illinois gun owners, the ISRA, the NRA, those at IllinoisCarry dot com, and especially 45Superman and Molly.

    I think that Thirdpower is right…this left a smoking crater. We (gun owners) are far more organized now and the grassroots support of the 2A is growing like crazy. Although it is disappointing that we have to spend effort and energy just to fight incessant bad bills….we are really holding these anti-gun rights Chicago and Cook county legislators at bay. We are quite happy that this session, which ended yesterday, turned out the way it did. Now any anti-gun rights bills are going to need a super-majority to pass….so now, we can get back to our primary task of promoting concealed carry in Illinios.

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