New Media Assault

I have to admit, so far the Brady Campaign’s Newswatch is top quality stuff. Worthy of Jadegold, except without the ad-hominems.  I mean, arguing that Montanans are crazy for taking the constitution seriously, and that NRA members are afraid of cows.  Wow.  I look forward to the day when I can be part of this parody.

Just to let you all in on what the Brady’s are likely hoping for here, is that we all link to these outrages, and that it boosts their Google mojo.  That way when people search on certain things, their message gets out there, and maybe they get some followers.  I wonder where they got that idea from?

But seriously folks, the Brady’s are a lot of things, but they aren’t stupid.  They are clearly starting to understand new media, and we have to be ready.  Be so baited as you might be, the best thing is to ignore them.

4 thoughts on “New Media Assault”

  1. Typically the Brady “News Watch Blogs have a note at the bottom “Comments Off” and interestingly they haven’t yet appeared to Huffington Post which still accepts comments.

  2. I thought this awhile ago. Ever since they shut off comments to their own blog, their stite traffic must have plummeted.

    I think their getting wise that their 150,000 email activists are just us.

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