Repealing Dog Breed Preemption?

Apparently a Pennsylvania lawmaker is looking to repeal state preemption of dog breed specific legislation because of one incident in his district.  This is a lot like gun control, where the solution is to punish irresponsible owners, not to try to control the species of dog.

2 thoughts on “Repealing Dog Breed Preemption?”

  1. Heh.
    Or as I put it,”We need to ban these assault dogs. They have no place on our streets with their menacing looks and their sharp, scary teeth. They are not well-suited to hunting, and have no sporting purpose. Of course, this will do little to stop dog attacks, but it is an important first step toward banning the vicious, smaller ‘Saturday-night dogs’, which are easily concealed and cheaper to feed…”
    Man, you just know someone out there is thinking this same damned thing, except SERIOUSLY. Depressing, innit?

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