Race Baiting with Father “Snuffy” Pfleger

Apparently the reason Hillary was crying is because she felt entitled because she’s white.


I actually agree with him that Hillary feels she’s entitled, but I think she feels that way because she’s Hillary.  I couldn’t give a flying fossilized pterodactyl turd that Barack Strawberry Shortcake Obama is a black guy and Hillary is a white woman.  I’m not voting for him because his policies would be bad for the country, and because I don’t want to elect a president who’s spiritual mentors continue to fan the flames of racial division.  America has had enough of that.

4 thoughts on “Race Baiting with Father “Snuffy” Pfleger”

  1. Damn, this guy makes me sick.
    So, Pfleger, Ya think I just ‘walked in’ and stole my 401k (don’t have one) and my pension (pretty pathetic one) because I’m white? You don’t think showing up every day, on time, sober, and working hard had anything to do with it, eh?
    Ordinarily, I’d just shrug and dismiss this boob as a worthless waste of flesh, but there is a whole church full of idiots applauding him, and NONE of them look exactly down-at-the-heels, y’know? And there are a lot of those churches out there. This bothers me pretty profoundly at times like this. None of these sanctimonious asswipes know dick about me, yet they are poised and ready (through their glorious savior Obama) to take what I have earned—EARNED, you fuckwads!—just because I am white, all the while calling ME a racist for having anything in the first place!!
    MOLON LABE, motherfuckers, and it means more than just my guns, though you’ll have to get past those first. I’m keeping my cake!
    Thus endeth the rant. Back to my regularly scheduled misanthropy.

  2. Yeah, well, by their buddies shall ye know them. Senator Obama is more than merely young and foolish, he’s a steath radical. All he’s sorry about — again — is that his guy got caught flashing his hatred. Again.

    I’ll be interested in his veep pick. Raul Castro, maybe?

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