Not This Time

Looks like Clayton Cramer didn’t manage to unseat his opponent in the primary.  Looking at the results, looks like it was within about 750 votes, out of 3100 or so total.  It’s very difficult to unseat an incumbent.  Still, if you want to have an impact on politics in your area, primaries are a place where a lot of difference can be made with little effort, since turnout is often pretty low.  As we demonstrated in Pennsylvania in our 2007 primary, you can affect considerable turnover in the primary if voters are properly motivated.  Sometimes, your side doesn’t win, but you get back on the horse and try again.  Eventually, you’ll win a few.

4 thoughts on “Not This Time”

  1. It turns out that a lot of people here really don’t like voting for Californians, since we are assumed to all be gay-friendly, anti-gun liberals. Instead, they voted for the incumbent who fits that description perfectly.

  2. Not directly. But he always emphasized that his family has been in Idaho since 1860. And I had people tell me that they were worried about what kind of laws a Californian would support–when my campaign literature emphasized that it was precisely to prevent Corder from Californicating Idaho that I was running.

    Other California refugees were very supportive of me; but then again, they tend to be quite conservative.

  3. I would have done the RoboCall. I hate those things too, but they remind supporters to get out and vote. A lot of people just don’t follow all that closely.

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