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Thanks to Paul Helmke for pointing out a new, or at least new to me, anti-gun blog.  Since the good reverend is clinging to God, but not guns, one wonders whether she’s still one of Obama’s “bitter” ones.  But regardless, it appears that the blog allows comments.  I haven’t tried to place one yet, but I’m going to guess “heavily moderated.”  Just a hunch.  Can’t have too much reasoned discourse now, can we?  But proceed respectually and factually, as I know our commenters are wont to do.  Engage the good reverend, and let the reasoned discourse flow.

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  1. I checked each blog on the home page and there is not a single comment in any of them.

  2. Doesn’t mean they won’t approve. If you look at their Technorati profile, they are about 2. Now three, since I’ve linked to them. It may very well be that no one has yet found them.

  3. I saw them a while back. is a project of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Please visit our Web site, for more information on how the Brady Center is working to reform the gun industry and educate the public about gun violence through litigation and grassroots mobilization.

    They cleaned that off the blog page, but it is just another Brady blog. Still could be worth watching for bloggables :)

  4. Comment posted in “Guns and Meat” at 1735 hrs central time. I will await to see if it passes moderation. At the very least, it can be archived here.

    Dear Rachel:

    I am pleased that you are working with the troubled and the lost people, bringing them a spiritual and moral message of peace, of self-respect and respect for others, and the wholeness that is felt when one lives a just and honorable life.

    Indeed, many people in our nation lack these fundamentally important things.

    But I hope you work toward these things without attempting to also abrogate those all-important, God-given rights of just, honorable, and respectful defense of self, family, and loved ones from those evil individuals in the world. I too like to think that evil can be overcome with good – yet when that evil is being immediately perpetrated against me or my family, I shall overcome that evil with lethal force. Not doing so would be immoral, and irresponsible to society.

    I respect and honor those around me, yet those who would choose, for whatever reason, to unjustly perpetrate evil against me or those I love need to be stopped. In some situations, the message of peace and love is too little, too late. I trust you have the life experience to acknowledge that.

    I strongly support self-defense, and the right to keep and bear arms. This is a God-given right, a natural right, and a fundamentally important right. This right shall not be infringed – for any reason.

    Again, bless you for bringing the word of peace and hope. I have hope for you and this blog, but your links to the Brady Campaign make me wonder about your motives. The Brady Campaign’s motive is to criminalize civilian ownership of firearms – a motive that is not only morally wrong, but with an end-result that unconstitutional (illegal) as well. are suspect.

    Please spread the message of peace, love, hope, and respect, but do not work toward infringing our right to arms in the process.

  5. Ah, dammit.
    Clicked the link, read the post, and submitted a comment (about 2138 EST) before coming back here and learning it was probably a waste of time. Crap.

  6. I just noticed that there are NO comments posted to ANY of the blog entries.

    Remind anyone of another blog?

    I hold little hope for the prospect of a truly free and open anti-rights blog….

  7. It’s a pacifist web site with anti-gun leanings. Since it’s a Brady mouthpiece, I’m not surprised. I wonder when it will go Vegan?

  8. I posted the following to their latest post claiming Paul would tell us to loose our guns but I expect it will be rejected: “I think it is rather audacious of you to assume you can re-write Paul’s words. To assume that legal guns in the hands of law abiding gun owners somehow causes armed drug gangs to kill each other with the illegal guns that they steal or buy on the black market is unconscionable. Guns are used over 2 Million times a year in the US alone in self defense of life & liberty of families & loved ones. The use of illegal guns by drug running thugs involved in a turf war against other gangs & DEA agents has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment nor my God given right to defend the life & liberty of my wife & children with one of the best tools available today – the gun.”

    The form response was: “Submitted comments will be subject to moderation before being displayed.”

  9. LOL! Brady’s cross post of the same blog entry shows the following at the bottom in the comment area:
    “No comments yet.
    RSS feed for comments on this post.
    Sorry, comment limit exceeded for this entry.”

    No comments yet the comment limit has been exceeded, which means they set the limit at less than zero. Typical.

  10. Dustin,
    The Brady blog used to accept comments. After it turned into one of th best pro-firearm resources on the net due to , well, us, they decided to conduct “reasoned discourse” and turn them off.

  11. Still no comments. I was hoping for a blog to fill the void of riceman’s crappy blog that turned out to be just made for the college credit. And of course Jadegold doesn’t blog anymore either.

    Are there ANY anti-gun blogs that accept comments right now?

  12. I don’t see one single comment… Is that because nobody’s posted or because only gunnies have posted and they just delete them?

  13. I just wanted to see what happens so I typed, “GUNS KILL – GO DEMS” and got this

    Auto-moderation after X days
    Your comment could not be added because comments for this entry have either been disabled, you entered invalid data, or your comment was caught by anti-spam measurements.

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