AHSA Not a Sham, Because Tom Eblen Believes It

SayUncle covers the machinations of Tom Eblen, who apparently wants to believe AHSA is not a sham, no matter what the facts say.  Bob Ricker recently came back on Bitter’s site to remind us that NRA’s endorsement isn’t worth crap, and that their organization helped Claire McCaskill beat Jim Talent in Missouri, so take that you self-defense wackos.  Of course, they also endorsed Obama, who then proceeded to lose in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky — states with a lot of gun owning Democrats.  So I think it’s fair to question whether AHSA’s endorsement is really worth anything.

3 thoughts on “AHSA Not a Sham, Because Tom Eblen Believes It”

  1. Bob’s not entirely full of it. The bulk of the NRA money does go to incumbents who almost always have a big advantage over their opponents to start with and who would most likely win re-election with or without an endorsement. The 85% success rate really doesn’t mean that much. You can oftentimes “win” more by backing a “losing” candidate.

  2. Wile the NRA supports the campaigns of Democrats who are 2nd Amendment supporters, the AHSA only endorses the defeat of Republicans – they’re all negative, all the time.

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