Killing Flash

If Apple actually manages to kill Flash with the iPad, I will definitely have to get one, despite my previous skepticism I had no use for one. I’ve hated Flash from the moment it started to get popular on the Internets. I didn’t think Apple would have the market power, but if they actually pull it off… great. Even for those of you with Androids, Flash will destroy your battery, crash your browser, and do all the things it’s known to do. The sooner it dies, the better off we’re all going to be, and if it takes Steve Jobs’ narcissism to kill it, it’ll be the greatest thing Steve’s narcissism has accomplished since the NeXT cube.

13 thoughts on “Killing Flash”

  1. Bravo!!!!

    and well said.

    Though I am pretty sold on an iPad – I’m just going to wait for a better word processing function to be added.

  2. The NeXT keyboard is still the best one I’ve ever used in 20 years of computing. I never got into the IBM key-clack that some are nostalgic for, too stiff for my tastes.

    The Apple white keyboards (not these chiclet things now) are my next favorite.

  3. I have to disagree on killing Flash being a good thing. If it kills off the poor usage of Flash, that will be a good thing. I develop Flash for online web training. I’ve been unable to find a tool that allows me to do what I do for inline courses that works as well as Flash. When it is used for only doing things that need to be done, instead of developing entire sites with it is a great tool.

  4. Theres a nice little mac plugin program called ClickToFlash which I’ve happily used for the last few years.

  5. My iPad is awesome.
    And it’s nice to not put up with stupid flash ads.
    It’s worth the fight. Time for the industry to catch up with 2010.

  6. My iPad is awesome.
    And it’s nice to not put up with stupid flash ads.
    It’s worth the fight. Time for the industry to catch up with 2010.
    We did the same with WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, and other powerful but screwed up industry standards.

  7. Processing is processing…

    Granted it can be more efficient. But I take Steve Jobs statement of Flash wiping out your battery with a grain of salt. I don’t see it doing much faster than any other iPhone app that is using a lot of graphical interaction and physics models.

    Now that Apple is FINALLY opening up some of their APIs, Flash performance should improve on the Mac platform.

    Now, if only Steve Jobs would fix iTunes before I shove my iPhone up his arse.

  8. One problem is that in American rhetoric only the loudest and most extreme accusations are considered, ergo rather than “ya know, Flash is just kinda sub par even though it works most of the time, be nice if either Adobe would clean it up…”, to get anywhere we have to hear “Flash sucks, kills battery life, will wreck your iPad experience and eat your grandmother…”

  9. Timothy Covington has it right. Until there is a better tool for doing the things Flash does, all in one package like Flash is, then it needs to stay around. BUT, website designers need to stop using Flash to build entire websites and limit it to the things that actually need to be done with Flash. And the stupid Flash ads need to go away completely (and if anyone from Pizza Hut is reading this, PLEASE fix your Flash ads – they slow my entire system to a crawl, every single time!).

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