5 thoughts on “Jill Porter on The Rule of Law”

  1. Dear Jill:

    I agree with your praise for firing abusive police officers. That is fine, that is good, that is lawful, and I agree.

    But I am puzzled why you remain supportive of Nutter for signing illegal law regulating firearms? Clearly, local municipalities have not been delegated the power (authority) to pass or enforce such laws. You are coming close to calling him a hero for his illegal act…you applaud him for the “audacious act of civic disobedience.”

    Nutter might mean well, but we are talking about infringing federal and state individual rights…these are meaningful, arguably fundamental rights. And given that there are myriad other options – documented effective and lawful – that he can pursue to reduce crime in Philly, why his focus on firearm laws, and why your stubborn ignorance of the legal options?

    It just makes no sense to me. And yet he’ll willingly spend constituent dollars and political capital defending an obviously illegal law. Those are hallmarks of fools, not of heros.

    Think he’s a revolutionary? Think again. He’s a thug – a tyrant – in a mayor’s disguise.

    Carl (in Chicago)

  2. Don’t get me started on this bitch. She’s an ignorant, vile liberal. Her philosophy is do as I say nad you will be fine. Vile rat!

  3. In her first line, she calls us gunnies (the gun lobby) “thugs”. She ought to be brought up on charges of slander. She and Nutjob are a real pair. They both should be deported to Cuba, as they’ll be much happier there.

  4. What I see happening is that more and more of us are simply saying NO. We simply won’t stand to be called “thugs” or “nuts” by politically-bent dimwits. We are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, home-owners, tax-payers, community activists, doctors, nurses, professors, police officers, factory workers, attorneys, computer specialists, etc. But above all, we are good-natured, educated people who love our families, communities, our nation, and ourselves.

    To be called “thugs” or maginalized as “nuts” simply because we support the constitution is uncalled for, and it is as unreasonable as it it unacceptable. I for one will not apologize, justify, and cow-tow. No more being on the defensive from these mindless twits. She is wrong to call us thugs, and soon enough, she will realize that it’s just not acceptable, either. People like her must become, and are becoming, irrelevant.

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