Celebration of American Values

I’m blogging from the Celebration of American Values at the NRA Annual Meeting.  So far we’ve heard John Sigler, Chris Cox, Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo, Karl Rove, Ollie North, and currently Governor Mike Huckabee.  Mitt Romney created a bit of excitement among bloggers when he came into the media booth, but I was unable to get a picture because the batteries in my camera are dead.  We kind fo swarmed to get a picture.  I was worried first that the secret service guy hanging about was going to body slam a blogger, and additionally that I wouldn’t get a picture of it.

2 thoughts on “Celebration of American Values”

  1. Sounds like Huckabee did more to make those of us think he’s an Arkansas setup guy out to sabotage the GOP believe that’s his reason for existence with his comments at the convention.

  2. Was it Mitt’s first NRA meeting? Guess he must have gone to sign up for varmit hunting classes!

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