NRA-ILA Mix & Mingle

Tonight’s event is the NRA-ILA Mix and Mingle for the blog bash atendees.  This should be a fun event, and it looks like we have a few NRA board members coming.  I ran into Chris Cox earlier and he said he would try to make it out.  Emphasis on try. When Annual Meeting is on, these guys schedules can get nuttier than rush hour on the Tokyo subway, but I’m happy he’s going to try to make an effort to say hi to us.

3 Responses to “NRA-ILA Mix & Mingle”

  1. deadcenter says:

    Just out of curiousity, where is the Olofson case on the agenda?

  2. Carl in Chicago says:

    Sebastian, glad you made it. I drive down later today. I am glad that you talked to Chris, and that he’ll “try” to make it. I think he was being sincere, but you’re right about how busy he is!

    I hope…and trust…that Cox or LaPierre will acknowledge the “2A Bloggers” at the Sat. banquet, or at the members meeting. If I run into either before then, I will definately ask them to. You folks (the bloggers) are HUGELY important in raising awareness, publicizing 2A issues in a positive light, and in correcting the myths and untruths being incessantly perpetuated about gun rights, gun owners, etc.

    More and more people are using the internet for information, rather than having it spoon-fed to them by elitists at the NYT, the Chicago Tribune, MSM-TV, etc.

    You folks are in some ways the front-line 2A freedom fighters, and I hope that you will be formally recognized and thanked. You deserve it. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Sebastian says:

    It’s been talked about. I mean you hear people talking about it. But what do you guys want? I mean, this stuff is usually dealt with in the Civil Rights Defense Fund committee.