Concealed Carry Hysteria Roundup

Some folks [want to be able to carry firearms (link removed due to boycott of WEHCO Media, and their immoral tactics)] in National Parks.  Outfits like the Christian Science Monitor don’t want them to be able to, using the same pants shitting hysterics that were used to fight the concealed carry issue last decade.  Let’s not forget the Las Vegas Sun too.  Of course, the hysteria isn’t stopping at parks.  Carry on college campuses are making editorial boards wet themselves too.  Then you have guys like this arguing that “Handguns are like alcohol. They give men ‘courage’ they don’t normally have.”

That should be enough PSH for one day.

One thought on “Concealed Carry Hysteria Roundup”

  1. It’s odd that the Las Vegas Sun would pile up with the rest of them…

    Well, perhaps not so odd, given Las Vegas’ insularity from the rest of the state.

    In Nevada, something like 80% of the state is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management. On almost all of this land, it is legal for you to carry (and shoot, and hunt) in whatever manner is consistent with state law. So in Nevada, this bill isn’t going to open up vast tracts of land for people to carry on – i.e., it won’t change the status quo much. Which pretty much means the only reason the LVS is harping on it is due to PSH.

    Las Vegas is kind of like Nevada’s Philadelphia, in that it is the only portion of the state to reliably vote Democrat and does not reflect values held by the rest of the state (it also has stricter gun control laws than the rest of the state – they managed to get their registration scheme protected by the state preemption law). So maybe it’s not too surprising to see them come out against this bill.

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