Classic Submachine Guns

Styer MP 34

Bergmann MP 18.1

MP 40

Tsing Tao

If all that is from this guy’s personal collection, you can consider me officially jealous.

6 Responses to “Classic Submachine Guns”

  1. Ruzhyo says:

    He mentions in one of his posts that he is selling off the collection bit by bit, which is heartbreaking.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Heartbreaking that I can’t afford to buy one. Damn!

  3. Sanchez aka "Jack of All Trades" says:

    Would now be a good time to curse the name of Congressman William J. Hughes?

  4. Sebastian says:

    Any time is a good time to curse Congressman Hughes. We don’t need an excuse for that!

  5. anon says:

    Perversely, a lot of current owners like Hughes because of what it’s done for their retirement plans.

    If (When?) it is struck down, a lot of (artificially inflated) collector value will evaporate over-night.

    Sure, an original will always be worth more to serious collectors…but how many people will pay $15,000 for a tired original when a new one is $1,500?

  6. Sanchez aka "Jack of All Trades" says:

    Noted….. As penance for my mistake I would purchase an NFA registered machine gun, but I don’t think the cheaps ones will be cheap in the future. Instead I will continue to explain to other people as to how the NFA works (hopefully it will lessen support of an MG ban) and double the amount of ammo to be purchased next National Ammo Day.


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