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People are often under the mistaken impression that the Philadelphia Zoo is located at 34th and Girard.  Those of us who have been to sporting events in the city know that it’s really on South Broad Street, as this visitor from Montreal found out:

My son and I drove from Montreal to catch Monday night’s Flyers-Canadiens playoff game at the Wachovia Center. Your fans have many reasons to be proud of their city and team, but how they treat their guests at a sporting event is not one of them.

As the game progressed, the level of threats and abuse heaped on us grew at an alarming rate. At one point, an unfortunate Habs fan had a glass of beer poured on her head, and her boyfriend thought it best for them to leave the arena. By the end of the game, we and other Habs supporters needed the protection of arena security and police to exit the building.

I can’t imagine what would have happened to us if the Flyers had lost.

Welcome to the jungle.  When I attended the Flyers-Capitals game a few weeks ago at the Verizon Center in D.C. (in the VIP booth, w/ free beer and food, sweet!), I was telling Bitter the reputation our fans had.  Despite a few beers, I resisted the urge to jump up and start cracking heads when people cheered on the Capitals.  I am a poor Philadelphian.

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  1. The Eastern Conference Playoffs. It is amusing to watch them work so hard to win just so they can become the sacrificial lambs to the Western Conference Champions during the Stanley Cup Final round.

    I almost feel sorry for their fans.

  2. I’m lucky. Having gone to various sporting events in Philadelphia to root for the visiting team (twice this year with the Celtics, twice two years ago with the Red Sox), I can’t say that I’ve had beer poured on me or had been cussed at. Yeah, I’ll get the occasional taunt from some jackass behind me, most of which involves a bad imitation of a Boston accent, but nothing too bad.

    That being said, this kind of behavior happens everywhere, including the letter author’s Montreal. In their most recent series against the Bruins, the Le Habitants’ fans booed the US national anthem, threw food at fans of the opposing team, and then started fires after a victory in game 7.

    I’d rather people go to these events to have fun, and for the most part, people do. The knuckledragging idiots out there take things too seriously and end up embarassing everyone else.

    That being said, I’ll take that kind of fan behavior over European Soccer hooligans any day of the week.

  3. Philly fans are the dumbest people on earth.
    I found the Eagles website three days ago to check on the NFL draft-I was very happy with the Eagles new players.
    Eagles so-called “fans” are more negative toward their own team than they are to the opponents.
    Nothing is right, the fans know better than anyone else,players, coaches, management, etc.
    The new players were all bad choices, the old players are all bad players.
    Need a new coach, QB, O-line, D-line, Special Teams, whatever.
    I stopped visiting that forum after less than 2 days.
    I live less than 35 miles from Philly, have not been to s sporting event there in
    more than 30 years, and have no plans to ever go again.
    Worst fans in the world, and proud of it.
    Stay home, watch it on TV.


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