Unisys Tower

Looks like Unisys Corporation (who may or may not have once been my employer) is relocating to the City of Philadelphia from their current headquarters in Blue Bell.  I guess Unisys wants to demonstrate its leadership in the industry by doing the opposite of most technology companies, by selling the cushy campus-like HQ in the ‘burbs, and heading to the concrete jungle.  But the interesting story is that they want to plaster their name all over Liberty Two.  I have to agree this would be tacky, but you have to wonder about people who make arguments like this:

“It will ruin our city,” said Mary Tracy, who heads the nonprofit Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight

A Unisys sign is going to ruin your city?  Ummm.

One Response to “Unisys Tower”

  1. Trixie says:

    Sebatian, I too may or may not have once worked for Unisys and may or may not have fallen victim to the countless layoffs that have occured since the dark days of the dreaded Sperry-Burroughs merge.

    Anyhow, stumbled over here from SYLG and like what I’ve read so far. City Council passes five unconstitutional laws, the Guardian Angels have to come in just so you can ride the subway to Market East (Market East, for God’s sake! It’s not like we’re going to North Philly!) and Nutter is mobilizing the citizens to….clean the streets.

    Here’s the sign that they should put on Liberty Two: