Air Gun Happiness

So today I picked up a Crossman 2300S so I could do IHMSA air pistol class.  Those are 1/10th scale animals, with chickens at 10 yards, pigs at 12.5, turkeys at 15 and rams at 18 yards.  I also got one of these for practice in the house.  I am disappointed that the animals look nothing like IHMSA standard animals, but are merely vague approximations.

But as for the airgun, the trigger is a little creepy for my tastes, but you can turn the pull down enough that it doesn’t much matter.  It shoots pretty well, regardless.  The plastic grips on it are pretty lame as well.  But still, 200 bucks and you have a gun you can shoot in a different class with and practice at home to boot.  I’m not complaining.  That’s not even mentioning the price of pellets and CO2 compared to .22LR, or .44 Magnum.

I guess I can’t call this a range report, since I didn’t have to go to the range to zero the sights and try it out :) This will all be fun and games until someone loses an eye.

3 thoughts on “Air Gun Happiness”

  1. Hahaa! Especially when you’ve got marauding bands of raccoons, opossums and rats.

    Then there’s starlings which are an invasive species and there’s an open season on them. Along with red squirrel…

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