Congrats to Tam

Congratulations to Tam for getting a cool writing gig!  She’s writing for Low End Mac.  My first Mac was a IIsi in 1992.  I soon realized “This is a lot better than Windows 3.1″ and used it pretty exclusively, even though I wonder how I ever lived with a 12″ display.  Later upgraded to a IIci with a larger 14” display.  Briefly used a NeXT cube, until the novelty wore off and I realized it was nice to have software.  I actually skipped the whole PowerPC generation, using Linux pretty exlusively during that time, until I bought my MacBook a year and a half ago and thought “This is a lot better than Linux.”  Granted, I still use Linux for serving the blog and for a DVR, but not for desktop work.  There will be no going back to the world of Windows for me.

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  1. I have a MacBook as well and love it. Been using Macs on and off since late 2003. I had no problems with XP, but about the time Vista came out I decided to just go to Mac full-time. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Windows either, at least not any time soon.

  2. I have never heard of anyone going from OSX to Windows (or back to Windows), the migration is an entirely one-way phenomenon it appears. Must be a reason for that.

  3. “There will be no going back to the world of Windows for me.”

    Until I move in and contaminate your computer collection. :)

  4. I personally made that migration, Guav. There’s just too much software you miss out on, and especially late Mac OS 8-9 was lackluster as hell — lots of memory issues, TCP/IP stack wasn’t particularly amazing, more crashes than I’d like, and unsecured multiuser mode. OS X took care of a lot of the worst parts, mostly thanks to support for protected memory and the eventual complete retirement of AppleTalk, but it’s still got a lot of UI issues that bug the heck out of me. iTunes would be one of the more frustrating ones, for example, although it’s also got separate issues due to Apple’s firm insistence that no one else can license FairPlay.

    I don’t think I’m the only one, on this particular matter. The popularity of Boot Camp should demonstrate that.

    I still run a couple Macs at work for demonstration purposes, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’d rather use Vista, CentOS, or SuSE. The former isn’t perfect, but it’s secure enough for when I need to run Windows-only software or browse the web, and while the latter two are a bit harder to learn there is probably nothing they don’t have software support for somewhere.

  5. Yeah, teach that Linux server who’s boss! It doesn’t deserve to have a desktop, only a remote ssh connection.

  6. Gattsuru, that’s why I said nobody leaves OSX to go to Windows—certainly OS8 and OS9 were not as superior to Windows as I feel OSX is.

    And sure, lots of people install Windows on their Macs now that it’s possible, but I’m willing to wager the majority of those are Windows switchers who don’t want to leave Windows completely yet.

    Sure it’s anecdotal, but I literally know dozens of people who have switched from Windows to OSX, and not a single one who has done the opposite. Just sayin …

  7. I stuck through OS9 and went to OSX for a while. OSX was pretty drastically improved, and certainly worth upgrading to, but between XP’s fixes for dll hell and driver-related blue screens of death, and the increasing amount of good free software that was Windows-only, it just wasn’t worth sticking with OSX.

    Generally speaking, I find people moving to OSX a bit more common. Of course, people previously using OSX are about one twentieth as common in the first place, so it’s a bit hard to say anything meaningful from anecdotal evidence.

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