Anti-Virus Triggering on Gun Bogs?

John Richardson’s blog, “No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money” seems to have gotten blocked by Norton’s anti-virus software. I use ClamAV when I use anti-virus at all. It’s not as critical in the Mac and Linux world except to scan file servers for stuff deposited by Windows users. If anyone notices this blog on such a list, let me know. Let John know too. Could be that perhaps this is only blogspot. And stop using Windoze :)

11 thoughts on “Anti-Virus Triggering on Gun Bogs?”

  1. This is just plain strange. I registered with Symantec’s SafeWeb program. They rate the blog website as “OK” which means no issues.

    I use Avast myself and haven’t used Norton for a few years now.

  2. A controversial (?) website that I have frequented in the past was occasionally hacked, and whatever was deposited there would give a false positive on most anti-viruses. It was apparently easily overcome, but was a problem for awhile, when most visitors couldn’t access the site for a couple days. (Sorry I don’t know enough technology to fill in more.)

  3. I saw that post on John’s site. It’s a common false positive.

    Not everything is a conspiracy.

  4. I just posted a long list of women gun-bloggers and no problem with Blogger or Windoze (excep the damn JAVA crap) – but I don’t use Norton even though Symantic HQ is just down the street on Ellis, a mile away — but those guys in Cupertino with the expensive equipment and phones, now the Cupertinoeans have *issues* with Unloaded Open Carry there, I wouldn’t trust them.

  5. Oddly enough, when I loaded your blog just a few minutes ago I got a popup asking for a login and password for some tracking service. This is the only time I’ve seen it, and I didn’t see it earlier today checking the site from work. It also didn’t show up again when I loaded the main page in a new tab, or in Opera. It could just be a glitch in your hit-counting service, or something else.

    Work is Win7 with Firefox.
    Home is Kubuntu 12.04 with Firefox 13.0.1

    1. To update my last post: It popped up again when I went to the comments on “What Isn’t News Today”, and it was asking for a login and password for “”

      (Done as a reply to myself because I don’t know if you get notified about edits to comments.)

      1. It just popped up in my browser as well. We’re all Apple all the time at our household–not a Windows machine to be found.


  6. Yeah the sitemeter thing was an issue discussed tonite on Ace O’ Spades. Looks like it’s gone away now, tho- For the last few months I’ve been getting google opening up its own pages when I visit certain other pages

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