We Yahoos

After being called a gun clinging, Jesus loving xenophobe by Barack Obama, I can’t take too much exception to being called a yahoo, but speaking as someone who comes from a state that has no restrictions on carrying in restaurants, or even in bars, I don’t see what the issue is here.  Pennsylvania generally has few problems in this area, regardless.

It’s also a little disingenuous to link Uncle’s support of a local gun shop, which had to restrict carriage on the range because of “cold range” rules mandated by insurance requirements, to a government restriction which could land violaters in jail.

If you’re opposed to concealed carry, then oppose concealed carry.  But if it’s going to be allowed, it’s in society’s interest that there be as few restrictions on time and place as can be afforded.  The result of many restrictions is firearms left in vehicles, which is an invitation to thieves.  Tennessee’s law disallows a concealed carry holder from consuming alcohol wile carrying, which I think is reasonble.  The onus should be on those opposing it for why the restriction is justified.  Most reasonable people would agree that drinking and driving do not mix, yet we do not restrict people with car keys from entering eating establishments because they might have too much to drink.  A free and confident society trusts its citizens to do the right thing, and I don’t think we have too much evidence that permit holders are the kinds of people who won’t.

2 thoughts on “We Yahoos”

  1. Well, a free and confident society may trust its citizens, but people who live their lives in fear certainly do not… After all, one of us yahoo gun owners could get trashed in some bar and go on a shooting rampage!

    Unfortunately, these days, “the good of the people/children/minorities/victims/etc.” is all the justification those proposing new restrictions and regulations need… I am not sure which we need more – fewer people proposing fewer stupid laws, or more intelligent people asking more questions about them.

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