Bar Owners in KS Not Happy About Change in Law

Apparently a few tavern owners don’t like the fact that Kansas eased restrictions on carry in taverns, even though it’s unlawful to be above the 0.08 legal limit and carry a firearm.  One has to wonder why they aren’t concerned about people coming into their establishment, drinking, and plowing into a family minivan on the way home.  Drunk driving is a far greater social problem than people with concealed carry licenses carrying while intoxicated.  It seems to me if we allow people to drive at 0.07, it’s unreasonable to suggest they are too intoxicated at that level to successfully handle the much simpler task of using a firearm should they need to defend themselves.

3 thoughts on “Bar Owners in KS Not Happy About Change in Law”

  1. And the comments there are typically ignorant.

    My favorite point was that, yeah, the law changed and… ummm… Nothing happened. Nobody noticed. CCW’s didn’t show up en mass, start guzzling $3 tequila shooters and then start shooting up the place. Of course, the PuSHers start chanting “But it could happen”.

    Let’s take my state, Florida. We’ve got guns, we’ve got bars, and so long as the establishment serves food too, we can carry into a bar (but not sit AT the bar, go figure). We’ve been like this for quite a few years. No nightly stories of shootings at bars (plenty of fights, stabbings, and more than enough DUI’s that end in death).

    You’d think with all the “it could happen”, it would have. But it hasn’t. And it won’t.

    Oddly, the bigotry against gun owners is undiminished. Make us sit in the back or outside, eh? A little “back of the bus” treatment, maybe? Maybe CCW holders should use a different water fountain?

    Is it me, or is it simply the same argument over and over?

  2. So this bar owner doesn’t like to post signs, because he “doesn’t want to bring up the image of a knife and gun club”.
    Laying aside for the moment the subtle hint that pocket knives are next to be banned in his place, riddle me this—just how does the universal circle-and-slash, ‘No Guns Allowed’, (or whatever the “state approved” sign is) send a message that guns actually ARE allowed there? And what the rusty F*CK does it have to do with knives at all ??
    Also, what Robb said above—if it COULD happen, why doesn’t it all the time? I COULD bust a bottle on the bar and begin slitting throats at any time I wanted. How long, I wonder, ’til I have to drink beer out of a styrofoam cup?

  3. Aw, hell… it’s Lawrence. It’s our little Moscow on the Kansas River hotbed of head-up-the-ass liberalism.

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