Progress in Tennessee?

Looks like there’s at least some support for removing carry restrictions.  I’d really like to see the public park and national forest restrictions go away too.  Those are the bills that keep me from ever going back woods camping in Tennessee.

A lot of states seem to get nervous about lifting restrictions like this, but Pennsylvania does not restrict carry in establishments licensed to server alcohol.  Hell, we don’t even have a drinking while carrying restriction in Pennsylvania.   I don’t think it’s been a problem here, since most people who carry regularly are responsible enough not to run around carrying a firearm drunk.  You’d probably lose your license for that anyway.

2 Responses to “Progress in Tennessee?”

  1. “Pennsylvania does not restrict carry in establishments licensed to server alcohol”

    No, instead, you have to buy alcohol in a state store, and if you’re throwing a party and need more than just, say, beer, you end up having to go to two different stores — unlike Indiana, where you can just buy everything at Sam’s, or the supermarket.

  2. Brass says:

    Actually, I believe it’s leagal to carry in National Forests but illegal to carry in National Parks. At least that’s what I hope since where I live I have to drive through White River National Forest just to get anywhere.