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Remember this guy?  Looks like Cam got his attention here:

Why, I know people who would put talk show hosts just below guys who sell night crawlers out of their kitchens, but I’m not one of them. No sir, I rank radio talk show hosts at least as high as telemarketers and bloggers. And if anyone ever doubted your personal sense of “classy,” I recommend they read the Manifesto feature of your blog — particularly that line about how you and your drinking buddies don’t want to talk about Lindsey Lohan anymore “until she eats something and gets her chest back.” Ah, now that’s class.

And how appropriate that Cam and his buds fashioned their blog after their Friday night boozing sessions. I have always felt that conservatives were at their wittiest when they had a few drinks under their belts — in their own minds if nowhere else.

What, what a great guy.  Read the whole thing.  If smug self-satisfaction could be transformed into matter, this guy’s would collapse into a singularity that would stand a pretty good chance of sucking the entire universe down with it.  It doesn’t really amaze me that these type of people exist, but it does amaze me that anyone pays attention to them.  I hate this crap as much when I see it on our side as I do when it comes from guys like this.

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