My List

Bitter has her list of blogging hotties, so I’m allowed to have mine, dammit!  Here’s my top five.

  • Breda – Who says librarians can’t be hot?  Gun toting librarians, even hotter!
  • Kit – John is a lucky, lucky man.  Just click on the site to see what I mean.  Yeah, the AR-15 is nice too.
  • Dr. Helen – As charming and intelligent as she is beautiful.  Glenn is also a lucky guy!
  • Megan McArdle – I like smart women, and tall women, and she’s both!
  • Bitter – I don’t care what the gun control people say, boobs with guns are a great combination.

It’s been my careful observation that the conservative/libertarian side of the blogosphere has better looking women than the lefty blogosphere.

15 thoughts on “My List”

  1. “boobs with guns are a great combination”

    I’ve heard that with the addition of a low cut blouse they also double as great brass catchers…..

  2. Err, is this where I chime in and say “yowza”? Though I have to confess a bit of disappointment at being one of the “funny guys at OnTap” as opposed to an actual “blog hottie”. :P

  3. You know what it really is? It’s not that these girls aren’t physically attractive (because they are) but it’s the added bonus that they’re ready to defend themselves and understand the price that liberty requests of them.

    That makes them hot.

    My favorite pictures of my wife are the ones with her at the range. She’s not into shooting, so I don’t get to do it too often, but something about her holding a pistol and putting lead down the range just hits the right buttons on me.

  4. IMHO, looks come in a distance second to the intelligence displayed by each and every woman on that list.

    As my dad always said, no matter how good lookin’ they are, at some point ya gotta talk to ’em.

    And any of the women listed would make for an excellent evening of conversation.

  5. I would argue that the latter cannot exist without the former; I’ve known many women who would be considered attractive given the conventional norms, yet wouldn’t give them a second thought because of their personalities (or, more precisely, the lack thereof).

    Well, that and I’m ugly as sin m’self… ;)

  6. There is definitely something innately compelling about a woman willing to take the defense of her life into her own hands… As well as one intelligent enough to realize the importance of it.

    And, if nothing else, Oleg Volk adequately demonstrates how well soft curves and hard steel go together…

  7. Thanks Snowflake! Just for you there are some new pics of hot chicks with guns up on the site over the past day or so! Enjoy!

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