Obama Ties to Snuffy Pfleger

Those of us in the gun rights movement are well aware of Reverend Michael Pfleger, nicknamed “Snuffy” after he threatened to snuff out the owner of a Cook County gun shop.  Well, it turns out that he’s one of Obama’s spiritual mentors.  Some quick facts from Dave’s article:

As a state legislator, Obama obtained $225,000 in grants for St. Sabina. (Chicago Tribune, May 2, 2007.)

Rev. Pfleger was a prominent early endorser of Obama’s successful 2004 Senate campaign, as well as his unsuccessful 2000 challenge to U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush.

Loyalty pays I guess.  Especially in Chicago.

UPDATE: In the comments at Volokh, I notice someone calls Dave an “American Zionist”.  This is fairly amusing to me, as Dave Kopel (one p, it’s in the title of the post doofus) is Catholic.  Pretty clearly this guy doesn’t know that Dave is a Secular Progressive, not an American Zionist.  Geez.