New England Journal of Medicine Attacks Gun Ownership

Both Ahab and Jeff Soyer have coverage of this.  Rather interesting that this comes out in such a prestigious medical journal just in time for Heller eh?  You’d almost think the NEJM had made a conscious decision to shill for the anti-gun forces.  You’ll notice some familiar names, such as Garen Wintemute, who conducted a bogus study of gun shows a few months back.

The real difficulty in our issue is the people who oppose us are almost universally well connected political elites, and opinion leaders for the people within our country who influence the political process.  We are very much a movement of ordinary-type people who work for a living, and many of whom wouldn’t bother with these types of matters if our betters weren’t so intent on dictating to us a better way to live.  We’ve been very effective, but it’s tough to fight against.  One disavantage to using the federal courts as a means to secure second amendment rights is we’ll be fighting on ground that’s very much dominated by the exact type of elite who is typically against us.  This is going to be hard, we’ll have to fight hard, but fight we must, because we’ll see more and more of this as the anti-gun groups attempt to limit the damage that is likely to be done by Heller.

UPDATE: More from Thirdpower and SayUncle.

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