In Search of the Second Amendment

Dave Hardy’s documentary is going to be shown at the Backlot Film Festival in Culver City, California.  It will be this Saturday at 10AM, and tickets are only five dollars.  Dave is asking folks in the area if they wouldn’t mind showing up, because the more people that show up, the more chance there is of media coverage.

Southern California is a little far from my neck of the woods to make the trip, but I hope folks in California will be able to make it.

2 thoughts on “In Search of the Second Amendment”

  1. I just watched this documentary last night, having purchased it recently from JFPO. All I can say is WOW, is it good. I’ve already read Stephen Halbrook’s book THAT EVERY MAN BE ARMED, but this documentary was just icing on the cake. The AV editing could have been better in some places, but as far as solid information, it was good as gold.

    I also watched JFPO’s documentary on the BATFE, “The Gang”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found it to be, for the most part, a dispassionate, thorough critique of precisely what is wrong with the BATFE, and why it should be abolished as a Federal agency, as it is nearly utterly without purpose and very likely unconstitutional. The criticisms of former BATFE insiders was particularly chilling.

    Some nights I like to do my own television programming…and thanks to quality documentaries and iPod (video podcasts), I can.

    I also got around to watching Wayne LaPierre debate IANSA’s Rebecca Peters in London, circa 2004…”The Great UN Gun Debate” a couple of weeks ago. Wayne did a fantastic job.

    But IN SEARCH OF THE 2nd AMENDMENT is the DVD I’m going to be lending to my friends.

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