There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Dave Hardy is looking for some ideas for promoting his documentary In Search of the Second Amendment. I’ve seen it. If you haven’t, you should too.

Now, I’m not a marketing type. But I do know there’s no such thing as bad publicity. It’s well known that a sure way to sell copies of something is for someone to try to get it banned. This might be a bit tough, since I doubt the Brady Campaign would be willing participants in this endeavor. But there’s always pissing off the right! Maybe Christina the Stripper would be willing to pose topless with a copy of the documentary (you can use your imagination on the pose). That will surely get James Dobson’s attention. A condemnation of the documentary would surly follow, and I doubt Dave could stuff the envelopes fast enough after that.

The other option would be to slip it into the car of some celebrity or professional athlete. The headlines practically write themselves after that:

Famous actor arrested while soliciting a prostitute. Found in his vehicle were 30 grams of cocaine, a loaded pistol, and a copy of the documentary “In Search of the Second Amendment” by Dave Hardy.

As soon as that hits the papers and screens, the post office in Dave’s town will have to hire extra people just to keep up with the extra volume!

One thought on “There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity”

  1. Flush a Koran down a toilet, but tape a copy to the inside cover! (Hmm, maybe that would be a tad extreme.)

    He could place advertisements for the DVD in battery powered boxes placed around Boston…

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