6.8 SPC EBR Fever

Robb’s got it, and wonders about 6.8 vs. .308.  I have a 6.8 upper for my AR, and I will definitely say, it’s not a cheap round to shoot.  I have to reload to be able to afford to shoot it.  But I don’t think 6.8 is going anywhere.  Remington will keep making it, and I’m pretty sure Silver State Armory has no plans to abandon it either.

I’ve found 6.8 shoots very nice compared to 5.56.  Last time I went shooting a few weeks ago, I punched out the 10 ring at 50 yards shooting from the bench, with the 6.8, where the 5.56 didn’t make groups nearly as tight.  The recoil difference is also not that great between the two rounds.  I believe the 6.8 is a great compromise between 5.56 and the larger .308 round.   Certainly better to use in an AR than 7.62×39 Soviet.  In addition to having better ballistics, the 6.8 has a smaller head size that makes it easy to integrate into the AR platoform, without having to change much other than the barrel and bolt.  Magazines for 6.8 are the same size as the standard STANAG magazine, but have thicker walls and a different follower.

7 Responses to “6.8 SPC EBR Fever”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    Since I’m already reloading, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal (‘cept I’m only set up to reload pistol and not rifle).

    However, newer events have for all intents and purposes, squashed my dreams.

  2. The Duck says:

    Ruger just introduced a new ranch rifle in 6.8
    I think it will be around awhile

  3. Joe Merchant says:

    If the Big Brown Truck of Happiness ever shows up with my 6.8…

    Ordered my upper in December, told it would be a wait.

    Still waiting.

    Getting antsy in the pantsy.

  4. Weer'd Beard says:

    I’m saving my pennies for a Springer SOCOM 16. 7.62X51 is the only way to fly in an EBR IMHO

  5. Robb Allen says:

    Weer’d , I’d love one of those myself, but it’s the whole “saving a LOT of pennies” thing that kills me.

    I kind of was thinking that if I’m going to go into the EBR thing half assed, the AR-15 platform would at least give me the opportunity to upgrade over time. I simply do not like .223 / 5.56mm. I’m utilitarian and want something with good stopping power. I could go the commie route, but it just feels wrong.

  6. DirtCrashr says:

    After hitting the 300-yard gong four-for-four with it and then you getting that upper after the Rendezvous – it really piqued my interest in that round.
    The Ruger buy-in with their new Mini-14 Ranch-rifle in 6.8 is a fairly solid indicator that it will last. The fight is on with 6.5 Grendel now and whether it can rely on the shoulders (or legs) of the 6.5 PPC (its originator) to get further traction.

  7. Gregory Way says:

    I am not in the AR circle. I find the 6.8 SPC a marvelous round to fire from my M700 Remington with 26 ” bbl. It matches thye accuracy of the .223 that I also shoot. It may not catch on. It may not be around forever. But I sure do love shooting it.